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Logic X 10.2 Graphics Problem


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First of all I'm new here so maybe I post this topic in the wrong group.


We have a BIG graphic problem with Logic X 10.2,

We waited for more than 2 years and finally we made the decision to switch to Logic X 10.2 because of the Alchemey.


Our system:

Mac pro 5.1 12-core 16GB

ATI 5770 1GB video Card.

2x Samsung Pro SSD 500 GB

UAD2 Quad 4

1 Cinema screen (the old one of apple)


It's there any one who has a real solution for this.

we allready used Quadbug, Beamoff and Xcode nothing worked.


If you work with less than 5 tracks you can work with it but when you start to produce some serious tracks you need many more and than I goes wrong a lot of lags!


Is it my ATI card or is it Logic X ??? found on internet that we're not the only one and many people are looking for a solution.


before we had Logic 9 and mountain Lion and no problem.


Honestly if it isn't fixed soon we will move to cubase or maybe FL studio.



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We are using Yosemite,


Yesterday we changed our video card to a Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2GB it's seems it is getting better but not what we expected.

Still if we want to open a Eq for example on a channel strip it takes more than 4 seconds, to get there.

opening the mixer it need a few seconds to see the mixer and scroll thru it is worse.


The most frustrating thing is that I had a 8core early 2008 and sold it to a guy and that guy installed Logic X as well, and it looks way faster.

Oke he has a Nvidia GTX750 TI 2GB Gamming!

His Mac is connect to internet and almost nothing legal installed and we have our Mac disconnected from internet after installing Yosemite and Logic-x and everything is legal!

Is it that we have a 12 core machine and his is an 8 core machine have read also about that.


I also read that a lot of people have problems with Logic X and there graphics of all kind of macbook or studio mac pro's

Oke I have to be honest you can find everything on internet good and bad things.

But It's for us the worsted update ever and start to think to move back to mountain lion and Logic 9.

The main reason that we moved to X is the amazing workflow, and the Alchemy.


The last thing that crossed my mind right now is, is it my more that 11 years old Apple cinema screen that couldn't work with the high speed video cards of nowadays????


Even when you call Apple helpdesk they say no we don't no anything about your problem and we have never heard about it,

But when you say I can see a lot of people of the official Apple forum with the same problem, they said ooooh yes I see also now strange I have never seen this before......


What is going on????


As you can see I really don't now where to search or have to do.

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Just a smal detail we have installed everything from scratch,

1x SSD is used for Yosemite and Logic X and Library stuff like Spectrasonics, Kontakt ect. and the logic project folder and and the other SDD is used for audio samples and our final mixes.

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The last thing that crossed my mind right now is, is it my more that 11 years old Apple cinema screen that couldn't work with the high speed video cards of nowadays????


When it comes to troubleshooting everything is possible. Can you try with another monitor?


I upgraded to the ATi 5770 on my mac pro w/Yosemite and also Mavericks and it's no problem.

Is the UAD card firewire or PCI?


You should have no problem with your 5,1. Is it an original from 2010 or 2012, or an upgraded CPU 4,1 from 2009?

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I would prioritise the UAD card and drivers for troubleshooting. I suggest you remove the UAD hardware and software and test Logic. The easiest way to do this is probably just to remove the hardware and boot with a drive containing a clean OSX and Logic installation.
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The UAD is a PCI-e card with the latest drivers, 8.5

The mac is an original 2010 5.1,

we had no problems without and with the UAD card in Logic 9. even when we don't use any UAD plugs in the project we have this problem.


On Tuesday we will receive a phone call apple and hopefully they can call into to our Mac and solve the problem.


Glad I am not the only one, even guys with a new macbook pro or mac pro have the same problems,

Looks like it's random...

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Small update, don't know how but the trim function was disabled, so we enabled it today.

It looks like it's getting better,


Tomorrow we will start with a whole new and clean project and we gonna write down when it will go wrong,

keep my fingers crossed.

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Just and update from today,

We had a great day in the studio it looks like Logic X will work as we want.


My buddy used by installing Yosemite a trim enable app, when we open the app i looks like it was enabled,

but when you look in sytem parameters you saw TRIM Support NO,

We used the terminal to enter "sudo trimforce enable" and it seems that this was our problem.


Keep my fingers crossed if it will work tomorrow by the end of this week will let you know again.

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