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Automation problem with external instrument


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I bought a Waldorf Pulse 2 with Logic Pro X 10.2.1, it's nearly 2 months I have the machine, but I can't write the automation into Logic...


For eg : I press record then I write my notes, then I select the region automation, press the red R + Record above, repress record and I play with the Pulse parameters (cutoff, resonance, drive, ENV F amount...).

When I listen to it afterwards, I only hear my notes with one same constant sound - the last sound that played before I stopped the record (can't hear the variations that I did with the cutoff, reso...).


Plus, when I press a key on my midi controller I can see the number change in the midi monitoring area (picture attached, numbers 1A2 0 near CPU) but it shows nothing when I touch buttons in my Pulse.

So basically, I can hear the sound, I can record, but no automation at all.

Do you have any idea about this problem ?


Thank you!


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