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Latency/inconsistent misplacement of overdubs


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Hi all, and thank you in advance for welcoming a first-time poster here.


I'm a recording enthusiast and a musician who spends every second of spare time in the studio writing and recording, like many of you here. I've been using Logic for around 10 years now. 99% of what I do is live recording, generally laying down drums to click, then layering guitars and keyboards over top. Standard stuff.


Since moving from Logic 9 to X nearly as soon as it was released, I have been increasingly convinced that my love of red wine had finally had an effect on my ability to keep time!


Last night, after yet another disheartening session trying to put drums over a quantised midi track I was spurred to investigate further - Within the same session I was working on (minimal processing, 10 audio tracks) I placed a microphone about 6" from a monitor and recorded the click. Playing this back I was infuriated. There was a clearly audible ~100ms delay between the recorded click and that provided by logic. I opened a blank project, same test - Delay was still very much there but it was shorter!


The sloppy recordings I had been putting down to my own musicianship (subsequently disheartening me!) were not my fault!


Surely this isn't acceptable for a pro audio product? I've done the test in Logic Pro 9 on the same machine, same hardware, and the click recorded was audibly phase-matched to the generated click, as you'd hope!


Sorry for the narrative, I just can't believe what I've found. Does this happen for anyone else? If this is normal, it's musically impossible to build up a piece of music!




Edit: Here is an example of a recorded click on the left, and that recorded click recorded again on the right.


UPDATE: More experimenting, found delay increases as project goes on; at 1 1 1 1 delay is ~20ms, at 100 1 1 1 is what you hear in the example.


I'm using a 2006 Mac Pro

2x 2.66 Intel Xeon

8GB Memory

OS X Yosemite


Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 for in & out.

Also tested using another interface - PreSonus Audiobox USB

Monitoring is via an analogue amplifier - no delay introduced here!

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