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Controller Assignments for Faderport


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It is recommended to save your current controller assignments as described here, before proceeding the following steps (first: deleting the assignment, second: create the new desired assignment).


  • Open the Controller assignment window:
    Choose Logic Pro > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments (or press Command-K), then click the Easy View button.

  • To delete a controller assignment in Easy view
    Select the assignment you want to remove in the Controller Assignments Easy View window, pressing the Faderport button to edit should bring it up in the assignment window then click the Delete button.

  • Assign a control surface button to a key command (move right or left one bar)
    • 1. To open the Key Commands window, choose Logic Pro > Key Commands.
      2. In the Command list, click the disclosure triangle next to the category whose commands you want to reveal, then select the key command you want to assign. You can also search for the key command in the Search field. 
      3.  Click the Learn New Assignment button.
      4. Press the control surface button that you want to assign to the key command. This sends a MIDI message to Logic Pro.
      The name of the controller appears in the Assignments field.
      5.  To exit the window, click the close button.

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