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Text Embedded in Score - Can't edit or Delete [SOLVED]


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Hello all. I have a weird issue with Pro Logic Score Editor. In the process of re-arranging a score for a student, one of my 'texts' became embedded in the score to the point where I can move or edit it. I've tried everything it seems and it's wasting my entire afternoon. Anyone have any ideas what's happening?




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Nothing is embedded into a score in Logic, but I completely sympathize with the *feeling* that it's embedded.


I can't know for sure why this specific text is inaccessible, but I might help you with a couple of likely suspects.


The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. And the price of Logic's symbol placement freedom is eternal vigilance as to the symbol's point of origin. This is because, given the freedom of placement, one may "settle" a symbol wildly beyond the reach of its home region.


So the first diagnostic -- clumsy, but effective -- is the make a copy of this song file, open the copied version, and start deleting regions one by one. With horizontal and vertical offset, you may find that this text finds its home far afield in a distant region. Once the region is vaporized, the text will go with it. Poof.


Undo, note the location in the Event list, return to the original and hunt it down there for surgical removal.


The next suspicion is that you've inadvertently created a Global text object. And that has no home in a region or Event List.


Try this: create a new Score Set that's totally empty. Create an empty track with an instrument that is not used in the song. With the pencil, add a single empty region. Now add that instrument as the only instrument to your new score set. Once this score set is assigned in the Score window -- and at the highest viewing level -- you should see nothing but an empty region AND all the Global text events that are sitting in the score.


It should be delete-able by hand. Again Global text cannot be found in an Event List, so this is the only way to get at one. I have seen headers and footers that have vertical / horizontal offsets of 999 (and more). So the type of Global text need not correlate with its position on the score. That is, a footer may be nowhere near the bottom of the page.


Lastly, sometimes Explode Polyphony can expose a symbol of a given MIDI channel when collapsed polyphony makes it unclick-able (but still visible).

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Below where you post a reply there is an option for upload attachment.....





I have actually seen this before but don't recall the cause. So you will need to upload the project if you want the specifics, but to remove it you can go into the event list and look for the meta events that say "repeat 3X". Highlight each one ( in the event list one at a time until the one you are having an issue with is highlighted in the score... Then delete it from the event list and it should disappear from the score.


Things I noticed.... If you stop the video at 19 sec and look at the filter setting it is the instrument. Then at 20 Second you are at the "all instrument" Level. So you working on two different formatting levels. This is not the cause of the problem but is complicating the analysis and why you see it show up at different locations. I believe if you make it appear again ( use the instrument Filter level Boesndorfer) where it is located under the staff and temporarily move that entire staff out of the way to expose the text, I bet you will be able to graphically select it and delete it, if as plowman indicated you inadvertently created global text. I would also turn on guides to see where the text is attached.


Otherwise the event list method is the approach to remove it.

It would be helpful to know what version Logic you are running and have the opportunity to analyze the project - so give the upload a try again.

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Interesting stuff. Yes, if you could upload it, that'd be great.


Greg, in Wrapped View, Global text objects do not appear, so could the OP try switching to that to see if this ghost text still appears? In theory, the text added to the region would still appear, but an inadvertent Global text should disappear.


( Musicalaccents, "Wrapped View" is the second of three options graphically represented at the top of Score, also selectable by View > View Mode > Wrapped View. And this is a just a diagnostic, not a solution.)


When you click on it with the text tool, it appears to disappear (to put it awkwardly). But there, I think Logic is just opening a text entry box that is coincidentally over the ghost text, which is momentarily obscured. Hence, it reappears when you exit the just-created text box. In essence, you've briefly covered it with blank spaces of another text.


Another curiosity: have you tried creating a separate Score set with just this piano? Presently you're alternating between All Instruments and the selection of a region within All instruments.


But this may be a graphics bug and not a Global text issue at all -- note that the position of the ghost text changes as you scroll down and back. If this was a pre-existing, "for real" text object, there's no reason for it to move like that when no other layout work has been done.


Greg is right about the filter. It's not causing the problem, but it is confusing the diagnostics.


We love a good suspense yarn at LPH. :-)

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Regarding the Filter Setting: It's probably a user error as I am still getting used to this interface even though I've used this program for a year now. I am just switching from clicking on the Track to the actual Score. I didn't know this altered the region or was a different format. I thought it was all the same - just switching from the notation edit window to track window. Forgive my ignorance. I promise - I've been trying to figure all this out.


The 'Mystery' text is NOT in the events list. I know that for sure.


Interestingly enough - when i switch views, it still shows up in 'Wrapped View'. However, it is not present in 'Linear View.


Oh, and the text does not disappear when switching formats. Only does it disappear when I scroll off that part of the screen. When I click on the track or double click on the screen, it reappears.

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Thanks Eric! I figured it out about the same time! You are right - I couldn't find it because of it's location. Also, it would disappear when I clicked anywhere other than the track itself, switching to the other 'format'. Thanks to everyone. Until next time...
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