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Problem importing AAF


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I am mixing a short film and need to import an AAF file that was created in Adobe Premiere. However, whenever I import the file, many of the audio regions are off: timing, lengths, location.


Obviously, when I adjust the tempo of my Logic project, the region lengths change, but that still does not solve the problem.


I have seen these AAF problems in Logic X mentioned elsewhere, but am wondering if anyone has a fix?



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Nope. And everything I read said that Logic has issues with AFF and OMF files. I wound up buying Protools which does import AFFs and then rendered the tracks out as .aiff files so that I could import them into Logic to mix. While enabling me to get the jobs done, this has proven to be an unbelievably tedious process that adds a ton of extra time and work and provides lots of opportunity for something to go amiss. I'm now learning Protools so that I can mix these projects within Protools.


Good luck!

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