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Firewire drive for libraries

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Hi Peeps,


looking for a recommendation of specs or even specific models.

I need a firewire drive to use for EZdrummer, DFH superior and Miroslav.


Or am I better off using my 2nd internal drive for that and recording my audio to a firewire HD??




PS. I haven't got unlimited money!! :)

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I personally prefer to keep my samples and plug-in libraries on a second internal drive, and record my audio to an external FW hard drive. You'll find different opinions and user experiences on a vast range of different HD's. Some people swear by Lacie and some people swear AT Lacie. I have one Lacie d2 and haven't had any problems, but I know people who have. G-Tech makes a drive that matches the looks of a Mac tower and they perform pretty well. Glyph is expensive but they are supported by several online retailers as well as Digidesign (if that matters to you).


I would suggest you search for any other posts with similar questions or check out some online stores like www.otherworldcomputing.com or www.wdc.com (Western Digital), or www.powermax.com


Peace - xpander

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