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Trigger Automation Mode From Track

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I have created a series of Keyswitches in Controller Assignments and grouped them into Modes by their range, e.g. C-2 to B-1, C-1 to B0 etc.


In an ideal world rather than trigger which range to use by an external controller, I would like the track(s) to switch the Mode. I am not sure if this is possible because:


1. The tracks using them are Software Instrument Tracks

2. AU cannot send midi and has no incoming Port


Theoretically I suppose the IAC might be the answer but I cannot figure out how if if this is possible and I am not sure how stable it would be.


A little explanation as to why I want to do this:


1. I am using the Scripter Automation to control Kontakt Instrument Keyswitches

2. I want to record sometimes using physical Keyswitches to record automation

3. The mapping per instrument of Keyswitches varies

4. I want to use the keys of my Komplete Kontrol that are lit as Keyswitches to trigger these


I have an alternative solution that uses a second mini keyboard to trigger them, however it would be nice to use just one keyboard and make use of the visual aid of the lit keyswitches.


I tried using a Transformer instead and Scripter seems to lock up when more than one track send CC (which is why I am using CA triggered by midi notes).


I also tried Smart Controls, but they record in their own Automation Lane (unless someone knows how to reroute their output).

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