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Legato functionality in Logic Pro X Environment.


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So when I play the ES2 Synthesizer in legato mode, I hold a note and that note turns off when I play the next note; and when I let go of the second note it continues to play the first note I played (the one I was holding).


So what I'm trying to accomplish is pressing hi hats notes in different rates (trap music) in legato the same way in the ES2 synthesizer. Could someone possibly post a file on how to do that in the environment? Relying on note repeat and arpeggiator limits me so I'm trying to figure out a better way with your help.


Thanks in advance! :D

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Thank you for your response!


I'm trying to avoid using note repeat because I don't really have precise control over the rates. I'm basically trying to control my hi hats through my pads with the Environment, giving it a monophonic effect. I press the first pad, and then it turns off when I press the second pad. I'm using a voice limiter but I don't really know if I'm using it right to get my desired goal. :?




This forum almost solved it (fader8 posted a file, which I used) : http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=303748


What's happening right now is that my hi-hats play at the same time when I just want one to play.


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