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Stereo Delay


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The rotate presets are flipping phase so you get a cool cancelation effect and an out of phase.

Rotate L has the;

1st tap on the right side.

2nd pass is sent to the both left and right but the right one flipped = out of phase between left and right

3rd one is the right flipped set to the left and a sum of the flipped left and a double flipped right sent to the right = 100% left signal flipped while right cancels out.

4th continues with the cancelled signal being sent the left while the right gets its signal from the left and is flipped correctly = cancelled left with a polarity correct signal on the right...

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Eric and David, thank you! I just spent an hour trying to figure out what the routing options meant.


Can I ask you: Where did you find the info for the routing options? Especially rotate, that is so complicated. I looked and looked through the manual, that seems to be so insufficient!


again thanks..

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