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Guitar Strummer ?


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I have read in quite a few places that there was a MIDI Effects "Scripter" script in the factory presets called "Guitar Strummer". I have Logic Pro X installed and it isn't on my system. I did a clean install on a second computer and it didn't get installed there either.


Has it been removed?


Such a pity. I really wanted it for Mainstage, as I play a Roland FR-1xb V-Accordion and was hoping to get a passable guitar strum from the chord data sent down a MIDI channel using just Mainstage.


Thanks for any thoughts.




P.S. I apologize if this is a duplicate question. I really thought I had posted this before, but my profile says no posts and I can't find anything about it using search, so here it goes again... :)

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Has it been removed?


I think Guitar Strummer should still be there.

At least it is on my system, although I'm still using last months version of Logic 10.2.1

It can be a little hard to find.


Make sure to first select 'Scripter' in the MIDI FX box. That will open 2 windows, you can close the one called 'Script Editor'.

In the remaining window's Patch Selector (hierarchical pull down menu) at the top select:

'Factory' / 'Guitar Strummer'


I remember being impressed with this script when I tried it out a while back. Thanks for reminding me about it!

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Thanks, I was in the right place, it simply is not there... :( On either system! :(


But on mine the Patch Selector window has a drop-down that starts with "Factory Default". Under it I have the normal Next/previous/Load/etc... Then a list:


Delay Notes Until Next Beat

Drum Probability Sequencer



Invert Notes

Key Range

MIDI Logger

Mod Wheel Glissando

Note Repeater

Note Stepper

Send Delayed Notes

Simple Arpeggiator



and a sub-menu "Tutorial Scripts" that has 14 items.


No "Guitar Strummer" and even using the `find` command from the terminal looking for files with that in the name, or even other "*.pst" files reveal nothing on my system.


I deleted my Logic App and re-installed, no change. I'd hate to think I have to wipe out ALL TRACES of Logic and reinstall, but if that is the only way to get it to work I might have to.


I hate the App store... Back in the day you had installers you could force to do what you wanted. LOL

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You must be using Logic 10.2.2 and they have removed Guitar Strummer and some other scripts. Possibly because they found some problems with them.


Edit: I was going to post the script but Jordi (are you related to Fader8? : ) did so while I was typing.


Let us know if it works.

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