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Audio Editor Not Recognized (at first)


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Looked around and didn't see this listed (might have missed it)


I use iZotope RX as an audio editor, and up until LPX 10.2.2, you could highlight a track, click the "edit" menu, and select "Edit Audio in iZotope RX" etc... from the dropdown menu.


Since the recent upgrade to LPX 10.2.2, following that same procedure, the option to "Edit Audio in iZotope RX" doesn't show up - UNTIL - you go into Logic's Preferences > Audio > Audio File Editor (where iZotope RX is listed already as the chosen editor), then close Preferences. The option to use it as you Audio File Editor automatically shows up in the Edit menu now.


Very odd.


I've re-installed RX, trashed prefs, etc... always the same thing.


So, my workflow is now:

-- Highlight audio track

-- Go to Preferences > Audio > Audio File Editor

-- Close Preferences

-- Click the "Edit" menu

-- Select RX

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