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When Punching In, Previous Audio Continues to Play


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Single-handedly the most annoying bug I ran into yesterday in 10.2.2, which has me seriously considering Studio One, and I LOVE Logic :cry:


While tracking drums with a client, for punch-ins I hit the R key to punch in on the fly. Halfway through the session, I noticed that when we would punch in, Logic would play not only the new incoming audio, but also the old audio I was tracking over! Two sets of drums were playing, and making it confusing for the performer.


I had Software monitoring on, and each of my eight drum track's Input Monitor buttons on. Once I turned off Software monitoring, the problem no longer persisted, though I had to refer to my interface's control software to listen to the performance through the main output of my system.


Really annoying, and had me worried of any and all bugs that might pop up in the future.

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