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Can't monitor midi during playback


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I was trying to make an external multitrack midi project, using channel 1 and 2 for controlling a **beatstep pro**, and channel 3 for an old **proteus**.


i connected the midi cable from the **Focusrite 24pro** to midi in of the **proteus**, and other cable from the midi thru of **proteus** to the midi in of **beatbstep pro**.


Also, i enabled the "midi transmit clock" option, to sync it with the sequencer of the **beatstep pro**


Now, when the project is not playing, i can play all 3 channels, but when i press play, it stops transmitting midi to the synths.


.. any clues? i mean, it should work, from channel 1 to 16 and transmit midi clock at the same time, or is it too much info for good ol' MIDI???


Thank you!

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The issue of above has been partially solved updating logic to 10.2.2 and with midi stacks..


Now i have a multitrack midi session using a midi stack to control 4 different channels.

2 channels from an old proteus, 2 other to control a beatstep pro (thru).


I can make regions and play them with almost no problem in all 4 tracks, but when I use midi synchronize to sync the sequencer of the BSP, the channels 1 and 2, that are connected to the thru of proteus to BSP no longer sound...


Is 4 midi channels and synchronization too much??

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