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Different tempo signature for different instruments


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Time signature is global.. You can change it as often as you want, but applies to all tracks.. One solution... just play the parts, manually in their own time signature..


You could use a drum plug-in like Superior, and pick a beat that is in desired time signature, which could be different from Logic's time signature..


Some kbd arrangers, will play in what time signature you select.. Indeed. it makes it interesting to have different different time signaturess..


Another process might be to record a block chord track.. Change time signature, record a part.. export as midi.. do this for each part.

Then set Logic to desired time signature and import the midi files.. The reason to use a chord rerference track.. is that normally in 4/4 time chords often change on beat 1 or beat 1 and 3 etc.. Changing time signatures will mean the chords might change on any beat..

and obviously the parts you create will have to still change chords together to not go 'weird'.. but that may be what you want.. Percussion, drums, work ok at different time signatures.. (can be very interesting)..


If the parts get busy, the time signature differences may be awkward.. But since you only mention 3 parts.. It might work well.

Experiment.. and have fun

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Setting a global common compatible (encompassing) the time signatures could be useful.

The time signature sets could also help, and naming meaningfully each set would definitely be useful, since you will likely have to switch from one to another.

For scoring purpose, I would believe that working on a one time signature per region basis could also be easier.

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Another possibility ... I expect that Logic can do it ... is to choose a signature that is a multiple of the perceived rhythms. For instance, 3/4 can be laid on 4/4 if the signature is 3•4 = 12/4. But you're dealing with prime numbers here, so if you have a 5/4 part in mind it's gonna get pretty ugly. It seems to me that the best thing to do might be to prepare and record the parts separately, in different projects, then mix them as audio-files in yet another project. I'd rather expect that you'd find it necessary to "clip and tweak" the various parts pretty heavily when stitching them together.
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