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LPX 10.2.1 and Apple alum trackpad - horizontal scroll issue


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my setup:


El Capitan 10.11.3

Logic Pro X 10.2.1

Focusrite Saphire Pro 40

Macbook Pro 16Gb

dual Dell 2407 monitors

Akai MPK88

Sennheiser MKH416


first - a gentle disclaimer - this is not a huge deal here -



BUT - it is a bit annoying the way the Apple aluminum trackpad (not the new "white plastic" trackpad) - does not horizonantally scroll evenly in the LPX 10.2.1 arrange window filled with audio regions


If you used these too, you may have noticed that the scroll function becomes very "rubber band-ish".


Ive got:


two finger zoom

secondary click


as the only attributes checkboxed.


I wonder if anybody has any feedback on this....

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Hey Thindave,


no issues with trackpad being used to control other GUI elements at all...


- however, I mostly only use the trackpad for horizontal scrolling since it is SO much faster for long format VO (up to 35 minutes a chapter, so we are talking hundreds of audio regions per multiple tracks) - versus having to move the cursor up to the screen's upper right area constantly (hello Apple - Adobe's "hand" cursor for quick movement of on screen elements is HANDY....)


no other issues at all with OTHER apps being manipulated by the Apple trackpad. Its just LPX 10.x.x (Im not sure in which version the problem was introduced). Its nice to corroborate issues, if at al possible, with others, before sending off to Apple Engineering.


The problem persists if I put in fresh batteries or at 42% remaining charge, it would seem.


One would suspect the Displaystate.plist file possibly involved, as was pointed to on this very forum (and reposted by me regarding another LPX issue). Ive yet to notice a pattern however between the deletion of that file (and Logic's creation of a new one) and a simulateneous improvement of the horizontal scroll issue....

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just to confirm for anybody else on this thread - in case its helpful - Ive now updated to LPX 10.2.2 and although the Release Notes seem to describe a resolution:


"Logic is also now more responsive for these actions:"


"Scrolling in the Main window with a large number of tracks, regions, or automation"


Im seeing no change in performance, the rubber band effect still occurs in this dot release....

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I would be so grateful if all of Logic's crap video performance would finally be fixed once and for all. Compare it to any DAW-like IOS app and see how much more fluid and perfect the scrolling there is. Or in the windows world.



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