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Logic -> MidiPipe -> VLC

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I am new here, so I was not sure where to post this. I read a similar thread here on the forum, but it didn't quite answer my questions.


I want to use Logic to play a couple of audio tracks on one channel on my audio interface (going to the PA), play the same tracks + a click track on a different channel (going to in-ear monitors), and then use a MIDI track in Logic to start, stop and skip to different sections on a video in VLC. This is for live use, of course, and VLC will be used for the visuals.


I know I need to use MidiPipe and AppleScript to do this, but I have no idea how to set it up. How do I send MIDI from a MIDI track in Logic to MidiPipe? How do I set up MidiPipe to translate notes into the right commands for VLC? How do I set up VLC to receive the information from MidiPipe?


I use Logic Pro 9, by the way, but I guess that won't make much of a difference.


I am not new to Logic, but I have never done any advanced MIDI routing, just the simple stuff, so I think I need to be told exactly what to do. Really hope you can help me out.




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If you can't get that to work, you could make it really simple....


1) Mix the audio so that the click is only panned hard to one side (in this case, I will use left).

2) Load the movie and audio track into Logic.

3) Create markers for where you want to skip to, etc.

4) From your interface, get a splitter; right channel goes to the PA, the left goes to your IEM's (the mix plus click).

5) When you want to move to certain sections of the video, jut use your numeric keys to skip to the appropriate markers.


The PA mix will be in mono, but really not a big deal. This is how my band performs live in clubs (minus the video). I am the drummer, and simply play the tracks from my iPhone. I also have a little mixer so that I can receive the front-of-house mix as well, and mix into my IEM's as needed.

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