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Varispeed questions

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Recently started using Varispeed on Logic 9 and have the following questions:


1 - Settting speed to -15% I slowed down the guide track and tried recording audio live instrument (not midi) at the lower speed. The recorded audio comes out weird with patchy dropouts. Is this normal for Varispeed? i.e. is it not possible to record good quality audio along with a slowed down guide track?


2 - I tried Bounce in Place (offline) of the guide track at the slower speed hoping that it would give me a permanent version of the guide track at -15% of original speed. ( My intention was to then put this in a new project and record to the slowed down track without Varispeed on). It the BIP file does not seem to hold it's slowed down tempo when Varispeed is switched off.


Is the only solution is to bounce the guide audio track in real (-15%slowed down) time to a new file… ?


Would welcome any comments on experienced Varispeed users ;)

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Thanks for your suggestions gents .. will explore.


Also - another Varispeed question: what could be the cause of this: Varispeed although set to Speed only -15% y - puts left channel slower at the same pitch and right channel slower at a lower pitch?!! The resultant effect is hearing the track played at two different pitches - no idea how to solve


What could be the cause of this?

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