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Question: Step Editor Data Copy and Paste


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Hi everyone, complete noob here and I have a Step Editor question!


I am using Spitfire Albion One in Kontakt. I have just automated the modulation of a string part in the Piano Roll and I would like to copy that automation to Expression using the Step Editor. I have the Step Editor open and I can see the Modulation lane with the data. I have just created an Expression lane (which is currently empty, no data). I would like to copy the information from the Modulation lane to the Expression lane. How do I do that?

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In the Event List editor, your modulation should appear as CC #1 events, if you duplicate them and change the value (of the duplicated events) to 11, those should appear in you Step Editor Expression lane.

Using the Transform window for same should do that in one go.


Choose the following settings in the MIDI Transform window:


Mode pop-up menu: Copy selected events, then apply operations.


In the Conditions area:

Set Status to =

then choose Control in the pop-up menu below it.

Set Pitch to =

then enter a value of 1 in the field below it.


In the Operations area:

Set Status to Fix

then choose Control in the pop-up menu below it.

Set Pitch to Fix, then enter a value of 11 in the field below it.

This means “the first data byte receives the value of 11” (the first data byte defines the controller number for controller events, and mod wheel events happen to be #1).


There could be other methods others could chime in...

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Those presets are for specific purposes that are not related to your situation.

You would have to edit/customize or create your own preset to suit your needs.

A good starting point would be the Convert MIDI note events to MIDI controller 1 events found in the documentation here, and following the instructions in my previous post should do the trick. (The bold underlined text in the previous sentences are links to click on that will open the online related documentation... Don't hesitate to browse through them for further details!)

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The different editors (pianoroll, step, score, list...) are meant for different purposes. They are strimlined (by design) in order to remain easier to use (less cluttered), the downside being that some features are missing from one to another. The (intended) workaround would be to use different (required) editor windows opened (and disposed/linked as desired). That flexibility allow more workflow options. Using screensets and project templates optimise further that Logic's concept.
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