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Fishman TriplePlay Question - Please Help


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I'm using the Fishman TriplePlay exclusively with logic which has a 3way toggle switch { Guitar (Audio) / Mix / Synth (midi) } & volume control knob controlling the output .There's a problem i can't resolve yet thats why i came here to the specialists.


When Using FTP i get these:


-Guitar mode: ONLY the selected channel's volume in logic is -∞ and the volume knob is now useless.

- Mix mode: returns the selected channel again to the volume set by the volume knob and volume is functioning now.

-Synth mode: Nothing


I want the synth mode to do the same mute effect with the audio channel that my guitar is set to and also to be able to set the channels regardless of which one is selected.


BTW i tried to cc learn mute but it didn't work.


I appreciate all your effort to help me with my first request.

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First of all, the volume knob on the FTP is a master volume control.


I use the FTP software for only the following: To ensure I have connection, as a tuner, and for setting up controller presets.

Having said that, as an experiment, I decided to see how the volume knob controls the FTP software. The master volume does not change the fader position on the FTP software, only the master output level. Setting a balance between the guitar volume and volume of inserted synths is achieved by manually positioning the software faders.


The Guitar/Synth selector switch on the FTP only selects the sound source. There is no correlation between the selector switch and volume knob. It's not set up to individually set a volume level for the guitar and synths per switch position.


Logic's monitor indicates the FTP volume knob is sending controller 7 data (volume) on channel 2.

The volume knob will adjust the channel strip fader position for the selected channel strip. Examples: 0dB on a channel strip = CC#7 at value of 90; minus 6 dB on the channel strip = CC#7 at 64.


If the last sent CC#7 message was a value of 64, then selecting a different channel strip and attempting to set an individual volume level will cause the channel strip fader to jump to -6 dB (CC#7 value 64) before you can set a different level.


If you're just setting static levels among channel strips this is workable.

But it's not going to work if you're trying to dynamically adjust channel strip levels over the course of a song.


Get a small USB controller with faders and knobs for that.


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What i want to achieve as well is doing everything through logic and discarding the FTP software, But i can't really control my output of either guitar or synth by using the switch and thats the main point, i want the switch to be able to control which channel sends output. I am not annoyed by the volumes at all as like you said i will set them once manually.



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