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Midi gap in recording??


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How did you solve it?


David helped me in another post by this advice...


"Choose File > Project Settings > Recording... and under MIDI set Overlapping Recordings to Join with Selected Regions. Then make sure the region is selected before recording in it."


////////BUT//////// for some reason it is not working for me. Still NOT working for me correctly. I want MIDI to work like a tape machine.


1. Record over previous material.

2. Merge the region or AT LEAST keep the music from an entire previous bar before or after it. :twisted:

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I want MIDI to work like a tape machine.


Since LP 10.2 as far as I can tell, there is NO WAY to punch in MIDI inside of a measure. That means if you punch before the downbeat, you will lose the whole previous measure. If you punch in and out within a measure, you will lose any previously recorded material.


This is part of my continued rant about the new MIDI recording set up. IMHO, it is totally messed up and has slowed my productivity tremendously.


I haven't tried it, (and I'm traveling and can't test it) but you might be able to recover the lost data by dragging the region on the left back to where you punched in.


Let me know if anyone finds workaround on making punching in work the way it used to (and still should)



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