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SMF export of All Midi Tracks {SOLVED}


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Problem: When I export all midi files as a midi file (SMF) all tracks - After checking out the complete SMF file bounce - All tracks are playing on Midi Chanel 1!

This is after I have set all the individual tracks to their own individual midi channel 1-16.

I also do not have the box checked in Preferences/General/Project handling - Export Midi files - saves midi regions as format 0

Is there anything missing in my steps; or is something already written in the mid file that I need to change...

I also did Insert Instrument Midi setting as events - on each channel..and the export is still playing all midi information on Midi Channel 1/Track1.


Any advise on this would greatly be appreciated.




Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr.

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When you say all tracks are playing on midi channel 1 - How did you verify this?

click on the regions and look at the event browser and see what channels are associated with the notes.


I believe there are two possible causes of what you are seeing.


1/ If prior to doing the export - all your track headers are assigned to a midi channel and your regions are not - then you have to execute the "Apply All Parameters permanently" in the functions->Midi region parameters (or hit control N) ( make sure you select all the regions first before applying). This will apply the track midi channel to all events in that region thus allowing the export to reflect this.


2/ If you are verifying this by importing the SMF back into logic - you need to hold down the option key on the execution of the import and this will assign each imported midi region to a to an external midi track with its associated midi channel configured correctly for output.

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I'm importing the SMF file into a Keyboard sequencer (Triton TR)


I've figured out the problem:


On all 16 tracks,....it shows that all recorded notes are assigned to midi channel 1 (In the Event Note Area).


Without having to manually change the midi channel - is there a quicker way to reset the midi channels on all recorded notes int the track - to match the selected midi channel that has been assigned to the track?

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