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Any info on Logic's version of Camel Space? Looking for it..


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I just learned about Apple acquiring Camel Audio and so I’ve upgraded to Logic 10.2


I was hoping to see some kind of Camel Space plugin included in Logic but at first glance i’m not seeing it. Specifically looking for the Trance Gate feature. Anyone here have info re: the Logic’s version of the Camel Space plugin? I had it on my old G5 and really like it.


Can someone recommend a good Trance Gate plugin?!


as an aside - I very much like the mod envelopes in Omnisphere and Trillian but I’ve had difficulty in creating my own rhythm envelopes.

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Check out Audio Damage's BigSeq2 - http://www.audiodamage.com/effects/product.php?pid=AD022


SugarBytes Looperator - http://www.sugar-bytes.de/content/products/Looperator/index.php?lang=en


They both do a lot more than just gating and they are quite different from one another, but you can get gate effects from both. I own both. BigSeq2 is very cool. I like it, but the UI is a bit small and crowded for me. It does straight gating and sequence / modulating of FX like flange, delay, filters...etc. Looperator is a blast. Sequencing of envelopes (gating type stuff there) Re-order beats, stutter/repeat steps and a lot more. It's killer. I believe you can demo both of them


Good luck -

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@jtnyc - thanks for the recommends. I will check them out for sure.


I used to have an Audio Damage plugin and a SugarBytes demo too.


Yesterday i bought Glitch2. am liking it so far.



I'm sure Apple will do something w/ those other Camel plugins. Refactor them in somehow. They were pretty good plugins.

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