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Zoom TAC2R or other ultra-fast interface advice


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Hi all,

My software-based gig rig is centred around running MainStage on a MacBook Pro 15" and MOTU Ultralite MK3 (FireWire only) audio interface and I'm very happy with it. However, I'm looking at having a second, smaller, ultra-portable setup that I can just throw in a backpack for the small gigs I do that just require my AMT clip-on sax mic (using its wired configuration) and Yamaha WX5 wind controller. For my proposed setup, I'll only need 2 x I/O with MIDI I/O (though more is always nice!), and it'd have to be a fully bus-powered unit. I'm impressed with what I've seen of the Zoom TAC2R in terms of price, I/O + MIDI, it's Thunderbolt connectivity (should be nice and reliable with very low latency) and bus-power but would appreciate the thoughts of anyone who's used this unit, or can recommend something similar for my budget and requirements. I can get the TAC2R for AU$398 delivered, and that's really cheap here in Australia. My ideal unit would be RME or UA but I just can't justify the expense for a secondary system that I won't be using all the time. My primary rig has wireless mic system and wireless in-ears, wireless MIDI etc and whilst it's only a 2RU setup, there are times when I'd like something smaller and a bit more discrete.


There are quite a number of interfaces around in my price range but my primary considerations (other than I/O, MIDI and bus-power) are very low latency, driver stability, portability and small physical size. I'm ruling out M-Audio from the very outset because I've heard of so many issues with these. I'd also prefer to stay away from FireWire 400 units because a) FW 400 is now old, and b) I'd prefer to look at newer connectivity options. I'm also keen to hear about the quality of the pre-amps, especially as to whether they're on-par with, inferior or superior to the MOTU Ultralite.


Any thoughts?




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