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10-channel GM - no drum sound (Logic Pro X)


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Hello! Someone might say, what is the reason? 10-channel of General MIDI show drum kit, but I hear 127 standard patches from "grand piano" "to gun short", instead drums. Well, one or two times they appear yesterday. I went to midi environment - midi instrument, clicked on the channel 10 on grid and the drums appeared. I saved that file with gm staff in Logic. But perhaps the solution is not quite there, because today all repeat again - no drums on channel 10! I hear grand piano and so on. And drums do not appear anymore. Bypass All Control Surfaces I clicked too for any case.

Also I have no GM Device folder in the library on the left side. I can see "Other Objects" only and my keys Roland RD -16 midi channels are displayed and sounds everything is good but drums.. (I'm using Macbook pro/ El Capitan, Roland RD-300GX hooked up with two midi cables in-out to Roland Duo Capture EX, Logic Pro X 10.2.1)

Please, any ideas. Thanks.


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