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help - I/O assignments quadro output


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I am trying to do a quadro playback using Logic pro, but I can't seem to get the settings right.

I work on a macbook pro (2012) that is connected to a Fireface 800 soundcard. I have used my mac's Audio MIDI setup to configure my 4 speakers and until there all seems to function very well.


Then I took the following steps in Logic:

Opened a new project with and selected quadrophonic surround format in the project settings.

Then I went to preferences - Audio - Devices and selected the soundcard as output device

Then in preferences - Audio - I/O assingments - output I selected surround- show as - quadro. Now I would expect to be able to see changes in the field that shows the output locations (left - right - etc) and to have the posiblility to change the output channels. Only in my case this whole area stays grayed out (no matter what I select). I expect that here there is some problem, but I really can't seem to find out what is it.


Still I tried to upload my audio in 4 channels and assigned them all to surroundsound (using the mixer). but if I press play, all 4 sounds come from one speaker only.


Since this is the first time I try to work with more than 2 speakers, I probably missed a step. Anyone who can tell me how to get it right?




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