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midi setup problems


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ill start off by saying i am new to the world of midi

i am trying to play standard midi files through my usb midi cable to my yamaha mu5 tone generator

just for editing of midi files to later be used in my midi file player

when i play a midi file the light on my usb midi cable flashes( im assuming this means the signal is getting to cable at least) but it does not register in the tone generator

i have tried reading up on cabling and midi setup but am getting more confused

i have no drivers for the yamaha mu5 (could this be the problem?) if so does anyone know where i could get one for osx

i am using logic express

i downloaded and installed the yamaha usb-midi driver but that didnt make any difference

am i missing something?

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Have you set up your instrument in CoreMIDI ?...

Go to your Utilities Folder inside the Applications Folder, Open "Audio MIDI Setup" ... Make sure you see an icon for your Yamaha MU5. If you do, then great ... your driver is working ... if you don't, then make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers ...

Within Logic Express you need to set up a Multi-Instrument in the Environment that represents your Keyboard/sound module

My best advice is to go to the Reference manual and start reading at page 207 ... hope this helps, and good luck

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