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Improve|Update Drag modes = Edit Modes


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It would help a lot if Logic Pros "Drag" modes would be re purposed as "Edit" modes






At the moment "Drag" modes are only Region and not Marquee tool aware (except when deleting a marquee selection).

Meaning when someone Marquee selects and copies a whole section of a song via the Marquee Ruler or Marquee Tool and paste that section earlier or later in time the "Drag" mode set to "Shuffle L" wont react like it does when selecting Regions and "dragging" them later in time.



Again for editors/musicians etc stretching work constantly between Logic and Pro Tools it would help if the developers update the "Drag" mode behavior and even call them "Edit" modes. In my opinion the "Shuffle L" Drag mode is similar to Pro Tools "Shuffle" Edit Mode.

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At the moment "Drag" modes are only Region and not Marquee tool aware.

That's not always the case. For example, deleting a marquee selection in Shuffle L behaves as expected.


True! I've updated my entry. Thats why I would like to see the Marquee behavior improved.

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now that the marquee tool allows to range select and add fx and bounce them via "selection based processing" i hope the developers take a closer look and improve the marquee tool even further!




this neat pro tools only feature comes to mind



Pro Tools no overlap edit mode


In this use case for the user it is important that the Range (Edit) Selection stays intact when repeating these duplicate steps including gaps. 

But it should apply for copy/paste/duplicate/cut/delete 

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