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Software pitch- and mod-wheels [SOLVED]


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Just wondering if anyone has come across an app which provides simple pitch and modulation control.


My controller of choice, a 88-note Casio Privia, has a superb action but no pitchwheel, no modwheel.


I'm aware of the QuikQuak Pitchwheel app (and I'm about to demo it) but I understand it adds some latency and I really may not need some of it's more advanced functionality.

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Super easy. Not in front of Logic but at the top of my head:


1) Choose Window > Open MIDI Environment.

2) Click the layer pop-up menu (top left), and choose "Click and Ports."

3) Choose New > Fader > Auto (or whatever fader looks best to you).

4) Make sure the fader is selected and in the Environment inspector, set the type of MIDI events you want the fader to produce (mod wheel is MIDI Control #1).

5) Click the little triangle at the top right of the fader and drag onto the sequencer input object.

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OK, David, done that without too much sweatin n frettin, do I save this in some way?


Or how do I find from the Arrange what now seems to be called 'Knob 1'


Do what Eric suggested to get a framess window on top of your main window, and choose File > Save as Template, now start your new projects from that template.

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