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how to compensate for plugin latency


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ok so my new purchase of iZotope's RX5 plugin - the declick module in particular, causes a 2 second delay not only in playback (expected due to its "sophisticated algorithm") but also on any bounced file.


Thats a huge no-no to those of use whove been using DAW's for years, its just not acceptable !


So - I emailed iZotope customer service for assistance, and waiting an answer (insert Jeopardy jingle here).


Am using Logic Pro X 10.2.2, and have left the "I/O Buffer size" and "Recording Delay" preference settings to default.


Very surprising to see this plugin allow this behavior in a bounced file, and, when editing, one must also turn off the plugin (temporarily) to have real time playback work normally. Too bad.


If anyone is already using this plugin more successfully, we would sure love to hear from you !

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the clicks are most definitely printed in my raw audio file, as they will be for anyone who does this kind of work. Its impossible to record without mouth noise, pops, clicks, mic bumps, etc. Sooner or later every narrator will face the issue of abating these issues.


In particular, the Declick functions found in Adobe Audition, and iZotope's Plugin pack, work to remove the very minor clicks, especially when these are not found within a word. Its the ones found within an actual waveform (word) that are egregious. Manually editing these clicks away can be done with absolute certainty, I have found, for most all of them, with Adobe Audition. However, this is extremely slow and labor intensive when you are narrating a 9 to 18 hour audiobook saga.


Therefore, my willingness to purchase a workable solution that does not involve exporting select audio regions to Adobe Audition, manually searching and removing each one, and reimporting back to LPX. Very very slow, too slow to be workable.


With the iZotop plugin, it does remove some clicks, and makes the cleanup job easier, but its issue is that it introduces a 2-3 second delay at the beginning of the bounce file, before the narrator is heard. True - I could just reimport the bounce file and reconform it to the .75 sec spacing (required by ACX). But again, thats alot of work with saga audiobooks having as many as 50 chapters.


Your thoughts ?

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I just did a quick test with the RX4 plugin, but there's no latency whatsoever on bouncing. Also, I find it odd that you have these clicks, I never have clicks when recording either voice or guitar. Maybe you should revise your audio buffer settings (set it higher) and also check if you have Plugin Latency Compensation enabled.







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This is a bug for sure. Delay compensation is meant to align everything. The deeper I dig the more I find logic has many bugs with delay compensation. It's causing my system to print audio early. And I have also had the same problem you are having, not just with isotope. Bouncing in place you can see the difference between the waveforms from the PDC. Annoying as f***
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I know this is an old post, but I'm wondering if this was ever resolved. I have recently added Izotope Rx5 (I'm also doing audiobooks) and am very pleased with the clean results but find that, when I use the tools as plug-ins there are several seconds added to the beginning of my bounced file. The simplest solution, of course, is to output to Rx5 itself and clean the files, which works fine, but I like handling everything in Logic when possible. Anyone? 
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Massive latency using RX8 de-clicker. And contrary to some posts I've seen, it DOES carry over into bounces.

I've tried the "trick" of bouncing the track in place (or to another track) and then removing the RX8 plugin. But clicks remain--even after bouncing!! And when I add the RX8 back in, the clicks disappear but the latency problem remains.

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