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LPX 10.2.2 - recording / waveform draw cuts out at random


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this is the second time this has occured, now I dont think the first event was a one-off.


Step that lead up to this issue:


a. record spoken word audio into single audio track

b. suspend recording to take a break (spacebar)

c. return to recording, ensure waveform draws and playhead advances before re-entering sound booth

d. record for another 45 minutes straight

e. return to recording desk (just outside vocal booth) - review LPX arrange window on monitor - playhead has advanced to around where 45 minutes of time would be, but there is no waveform.

f. hold back fury rage and swear words !!!!

g. check bin to see if any audio object holds the recorded content - none

h. check Finder's Logic / Audio folder for same - none


Note: I will be submitting this to Apple's bug radar site asap


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