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faded drum clip


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When editing a drum track I have a bunch of what I guess are regions (I'm new). They look like what I would call clips (easier to say & type-more logical IMO). Half of one of the clips is faded out and I'm unable to edit it. I will work around it and delete it and start over but am wondering what caused this? Also-I'm assuming there is any easy way to simply join all clips-I'm not wanting these separate pieces and am wondering what the helpful dynamic of having the abilty to "pull" the edge of each piece around to cover up other pieces-why would I want this-what am I missing here...?..

Thanks friends

I keep asking questions but sooner or later-maybe a few months I'll be done with the silly ones....

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Daunting indeed to learn Logic.

I have the impression that what you mean by faded clip is actually greyed out region.

Greyed out (faded clip) regions could be due to many things... Among others, that could be they are looped from preceding one (on the same track), or muted, or the track is turned off, etc...


Posting a screen capture of what you mean (showing the track area with the greyed-out-regions / faded-clips and their corresponding inspector) could help you obtain a straight answer.


BTW, I would warmly recommend David's book, if you intend to tame Logic without having to browse cluelessly through the thousands of Apple Logic documentation pages. David's book will take you easily step by step, and will save you lots of time and efforts.

David's Nahmani host this very board...

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