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Level on midi events


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How do I set the level of multiple midi events to the same value?


I know I can use the Transform Window, but it takes far too much clicking around. There must be an easier way!


In Cubase you hit v :twisted:

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There are lots of methods for doing this. I'll give you two:


Let's say you have a kick drum region in a trance track that you played live, and now you want to make all of their velocities the same:


Method 1:

a. Open the event editor and then select all the notes (CMD-A is good for this. Or, if you have controller information in that track, use the view filter to disable the viewing of controllers, then use CMD-A. Only the notes will be selected).


b. Hold OPTION and SHIFT and click/hold on any one note's velocity. While holding the button down, move the mouse up or down. As soon as that note's velocity changes, all other notes will assume the same velocity value! You can then continue to move the mouse up and down to set the value you want.


This method is extremely fast.


You could, for example, set all of their volumes to 100. This would leave you some velocity "headroom" to add accents on certain beats if you wanted. But if it's not the kind of part where kicks get accents, this "headroom" gives you the leeway to use the realtime velocity parameter to raise the velocity at a later point.


Or you could set the velocities to 127 across the board. Whatever works in your particular situation.


Method 2:

a) Set the realtime velocity parameter on your region(s) to 99 (maximum). Then use the "normalize" command (this is a key command, though I also think it's found in one of the local editing menus). This will permanently add 99 to whatever your existing velocity values were. After you do this, the realtime velocity value will go back to zero. And just in case you played some very soft kicks, do this procedure once more time to ensure that all notes are forced to have a maximum velocity of 127. It's very fast to do this procedure, particularly if you have a key command for "normalize".


b) Now that your notes are all at velocity=127, use the realtime parameter value again to set a lower level, if desired.


There are other methods as well, but I find these to be the fastest. Method A would take about 3 seconds, method B about 4 seconds.





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At first I thought method 1 was the best. It works well, and if the "OPTION and SHIFT-click/hold" worked in the Matrix editor, it would be perfect. Going into the Event editor is one click too many I think. And I don't want Event Editor to be default editor when clicking on a region.


Method 2 works very well. And if you don't want to set the level to 127 on all the notes just set Dynamics to FIX and Velocity to a lower number. Ex. 16= velocity 80 it seems.

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Method 1 works in the Matrix!


Only you have to start clicking with the velocity tool first, then hold both option and shift and drag.


I use it everyday!


Indeed it does! But I never got used to the idea of having to select a note and then hold down option and shift. So over the years I've compartmentalized the various editors to accomplish specific functions.

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