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Why is a Paste of a Bass Track Section still popping?


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Hi guys :)


Here's one that makes NO sense at all.


Upon soloing my Bass Track I noticed a pop in the first verse.


I went to the second verse, and the pop at the exact same spot, was not there.


Great I thought, that's easy to fix :)


So I went to the first Verse and cut the entire Section from the beginning of the Verse to the Pre Chorus (8 measures).


I then went to the second Verse and copied the non popping Section up to the Pre Chorus and Pasted it to the first Verse.


And wheres I copied a Section that had no pop, it does have it when I Paste it.


What gives?



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Hi Atlas, how ya' been doing?


I'll try that, as there is automation on the Organ Track.


While I'm checking, if only the Bass Track is soloed, how can any other Track affect it?


I'll get back with you shortly,





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Holy crap Batman, that's what it was :)


When I disabled the Automation I'm using on the Output Fader (for a fade out at the end of the Song) the pop went away).


I still don't understand why it caused the pop when only the Bass Track was soloed.


Regardless, I don't understand why I don't look 16 years old either, so there a lot of things I obviously don't understand :)





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