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Script Help. Chords to single note output


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Hi !

It's my first post.

In Main Stage I have a situation where I need two sounds layered and the first sound plays a chord and the second sound only plays the top note of the chord.

A Poly to Mono script ? Does anyone have any idea where I can find something like this ?

Thanks !


Wayne :)

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I thought I would try to explain this better.


The music passage I am playing needs 3 sounds.


A marimba, a pad, and a lead trumpet sound.


The marimba is playing 2 notes. I am using the arp plug in to fake a rapid mallet strike between the two notes. A Marimba roll.

The Pad is playing the same 2 notes with no arp plug in.

The Lead Trumpet sounds needs to be able to play ONLY the top note of the chord being played.

Right now if I add the trumpet sound on a layer it will obviously play everything on that key range (set the same as the pad and the marimba)

What I would like is a plug in that will scan what I am playing and only play the top note. Then I can have the trumpet sound playing just the lead melody line. I am playing something with my left hand already so I can't use that hand for the trumpet sound.


I hope this makes mores sense. Thank you for looking and if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear it. I have scoured the web and haven't been able to find the answer.


Mac Mini i7 Quad core, 16 gigs RAM, Yosemite OS, MainStage 3 (latest version), Reason 8 (latest version), Nektar P6, KX8, Audiobox1818, Alien Ears Monitors.




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