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Fix Core Audio error; prevent harddrive spindown


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This trick is ingenious. I couldn't play two tracks at a time because the drive would keep spinning down unbeknownst to me. I stumbled upon this technique and I can play 30 FX-bloated tracks again.


Anyway, it will take you 5 min to download this free app and set-up these scripts. If you keep getting the "Core Audio Overloaded" error (or whatever the hell it says)-- this tip may be for you.


Pasted from http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20011024160033481, Simpler crontab for drive spin-down prevention

By: ckgaparajita on Sat, May 11 '02 at 11:56AM PDT


:: Instructions ::


The original hint had us creating a shell file which was then run by cron. This isn't necessary, since you can just execute the shell file command directly in the crontab. The easiest way to edit crontabs is with the excellent freeware utility Cronnix. It can be downloaded from VersionTracker. Once in Cronnix, do the following: 1. Click New to create a new crontab task. 2. Enter "*" (without the quotes) in the Min, Hour, Mday, Month, and Wday columns. This runs the task every minute. 3. If the drive you want to fix is the boot volume, enter:


ls / > /dev/null


in the Command column. If the drive you want to fix is not the boot volume, enter:


ls /Volumes/MyVolume > /dev/null


in the Command column, replacing "MyVolume" with the name of any volume on the target drive. 4. Click Save and then quit Cronnix. That is all you need to do to stop drive spindown. Works like a charm!



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