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gigasampler files - key off reverb


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Hi ppl,


I have some gigasampler organ samples (sos-1 sos-2)




logic express imports the .gig files perfectly but does not import the key off reverb at all which are meant to be part of each sample. There is an abrupt silence after key off. . I have tried checking and unchecking the import options in the exs sampler (quoted below)


1) Giga Convert includes Release Trigger

Determines whether or not the Release Trigger function of the Gigasampler format will

be performed by the EXS. This is important if you want to stay compatible with the

EXSP24 mkI, which doesn't offer this functionality.


2) Ignore Release Velocity

This option also refers to the Release Trigger function and should always be set to on

for this purpose. Regardless of whether or not your keyboard is able to send Release

Velocity, you would want your samples played by the Release Trigger function to be

louder or softer than the original Sample, or at the same volume, regardless of the

initial velocity. When playing with Release Trigger, you would want the Release Velocity

value to have the same value as the Initial Velocity value. To accomplish this, you can

switch off Release Velocity.


but noe of this helps....



on the original discs there are mainly .gig files but also two .gsp files which although very small, logic can't import. could these contain the key off reverb??


any ideas? thanks!





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When you open the EXS patch (after converted with Giga Convert from the .gig file), and you go into edit, is there a group for the release samples? In the Group parameter box, at "Trigger on" it will say "Key Release."


If that is there, then Giga Convert has included the key off samples. Adjust the decay to a high number (start at 2000), and you may hear them. You can try enabling the "ms" checkbox next to it, but to be honest, I'm not sure what that does and I can't find it in the manual.


But I do know that if the decay is not a number large enough, the release samples can be there and yet be inaudible. (At a low decay, the release samples play so quickly you can't hear them.)


If you see no such group with "key release" then for some reason, Giga Convert did not convert them. You could search out a translation program that reads key releases. Or you could open the patch in Giga, copy the wavs, then hand-assign them to the EXS patch, also assigning them to a group whose parameter is "key release" (and then adjusting the decay).


These last options are not appealing, I'm sure. I hope they've translated and a simple adjustment of the "decay" can let them be heard.

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thanks for the reply! that makes a lot of sense


I only have logic express (I posted in the pro forum cos I thought more ppl would know the answer!) looks like I'll have to upgrade to pro to get editability on the sampler....





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