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Logic Express 7.2 Crossgrade - Help needed.


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Hello everyone.


First of all - sorry for posting my LE question in Pro section.


Currently I'm running Logic Express 7.1.1 (after upgrading online from LE7.0) on Powerbook G4. I have just done a little research about upgrading LE 7.1 to 7.2 and all my browser came up with was the Apple form which you fill in and send out with a small payment + original LE DVD to get a LE crossgrade 7.2.


It would all be sweet but in the fine print it says the crossgrade was available only until July 13th 2007 couple of days ago.


Does anyone know an option to upgrade my Logic Express 7.1.1 to 7.2 and consequently to 7.2.3? Is apple planning any other crossgrades, say, if LE7.3 is released?


Secondly - if I have Logic Express 7.1.1 - will I be able to upgrade this version to Logic Pro in future?


Massive thanks for your help.



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I also run Logic Express 7.1.1 on my powerbook G4 didn't bother to upgrade to 7.2 (with the whole mail in thing). Just bought Logic Pro 7.0 off ebay for $500 so i'm sorta in the same upgrade boat as you but as far as i know there is no upgrade anymore apple just stoped selling it july 13. and i haven't heard any news of 7.3 as of yet this would be the place to hear if first. Good luck. (yes you are fully upgradeable unless you purchased the academic version)
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The main function in the crossgrade was the fact that it is UB for the Intel Macs, apart from this there were a few minor improvements.

I wouldn't bother with it unless you get an Intel and yes there is an upgrade path to pro which is still available, however chances are 8 might surface before the end of the year, maybe worthwaiting.





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