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Weird Output level question.


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Hi all.


As you may know, at this point in my "career" I'm still a "hobbyist." I'd probably have an answer if I wasn't; that's how easy I hope the answer to be. We shall see...


Anyway, my question is in the Mixer window, why does Logic's Output track display a different dB value then the Multimeter or Inspector plug (last in the chain) in on the same track? The output track, when the fader is set to 0, shows I'm peaking at -4.8, while the Multimeter/Inspector show I'm peaking at just under zero.


I do have a FreeG plug in (first in the chain) with -6 dB pan law (don't knock it 'til you try it! LOL!). I have it set to post fader mixing. I've tried both of those settings in every combination. I've even bypassed the FreeG which increased the respective peaks to just above zero for the track and +5.5 or so for the Multimeter.


This doesn't happen on every song. At the same time, it is happening to more than one song for sure. They aren't from the same template or Autoload (as most of my songs are Garageband files dragged over from the darkside). I've checked all the files for settings, plug ins, Environment stuff, etc etc, but I'm not really qualified to dig too deep and make a diagnosis. So everything looked kosher to me.


I can also raise the fader on the Output track to +5.6 before the track clips and sets off the red light. When I do this I hear no added distortion. It just gets louder (like it's supposed to do I guess, LOL!).


I hope some one has an explanation because it's kind of unnerving. Is there a preference for RMS vs. Peak on the Output track that I'm overlooking?


Thanks for your time!


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The most probable reason is that you master fader (The Audio Object called Master Fader, not Out 1-2) is set to -4.8dB or close.


Genius. Pure genius. That was the issue. I thank you David.


Feel free to delete this completely embarrassing thread....or you can use it to teach others from my example, LOL!


(I could have sworn I looked at the master fader in the Environment!!!)


Oh well. Thanks again David.


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