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David's Seminar was Great

Jack Weaver

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I'm sure that I'm speaking for everyone in the Logic 301 class when I say that I greatly appreciate your expertise and personal care with each student in your seminar.


I'm distilling all my notes on workflow right now and I can tell that I'm going through a quantum leap in ease of use and flexibility of navigation.


It was really worth an out-of-town trip to get this level of instruction. No amount of reading manuals would have been able to duplicate this experience.


Best wishes,


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Well thanks a lot for the kind words, Jack! I had a great time during the 3 days and it was nice meeting all of you. Funny to realize that except for Kevin you were all from out of town.


I'm glad to hear that you can already apply some of the new techniques learned to your workflow!

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Who knows, maybe someday David will produce a series of training DVD's.


You might first have to make him realize that his charming French accent would not be a hindrance.


I don't know about the DVD thing - see, we've been hounding him to get some tutorials together! I said: all he would have to do is get a few of them together and them free on this site before somebody would come along and endorse / produce his product! He could have some exta cash flow .... he could get hot roupies , too!! Not to mention he would be getting paid to do something that he obvisouly enjoys!!! Can't ask for much more than that!

Well ... I could ask for more than that ... but that would be a great start!


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