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MIDI Network Setup Refusing Connection Request


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I am trying to use the MIDI Network Setup in the Audio Midi Setup to connect my Dual 2 Ghz G5 with my 2.33 Ghz Macbook Pro. I start a new session on each computer, but when I try to connect from my G5 to my MacBook Pro I get a " refused connection request" error message. Same error message (different address) when I try to connect the other way (MacBook Pro to G5).


Both computers are on my network and I can share files between them, so I know the network connection is working. My MacBook Pro is using airport to connect, so I tried running an ethernet cable (and turning airport off) but I got the same message. I also tried turning off all firewalls, but still got the same error message.


Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing? Any help would be much appreciated.

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