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Transform Window


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if it's one aspect of Logic i find really hard to get into, it's the transform window.

are there any good tutorials on it around?

What do you want to know? Have you ever used it? Do you have a goal in mind?


Basically the Transform window can be used to transform MIDI events. So the applications are REALLY vast. You can adjust MIDI CC events, or MIDI notes. For example take the Humanize preset. Do you understand how it works?

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i saw this len sasso article in soundonsound.com (http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Mar03/articles/logicnotes0303.asp?print=yes&session=3417567c18d445875fcffc67e95bb667)

but i can't get it to work.

creating MIDI data like this might be very useful indeed!


PS! is it covered in the macprovideos somewhere? i did a scan through the table of contents but didn't find it anywhere.

if someone could point me to the right direction, it would be highly appreciated!

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its fairly intuitive once you get the hang of it. you tell it what type of things to search for and then what to change once its found those thigns. there used to be this guy BJ on this forum who had a great site with a detailed tutorial about how to use the transform window, along with other great tips, but i cant find the link. ill do some more looking for ya.


btw, the only function ive never gotten to work in the transform window is the crescendo. i tell it to look for all notes between bar x and bar y and start at velocity a and end at velocity b, but it never even gets so far as selecting the notes between the bar. the "select" button doesnt find any of the notes. am i doing something wrong?

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found it:


part 1:


parts 2-3 are archived a little weird so go to the home page after your done with that one to find links to the other parts.


he runs through pretty much everything you need to know about the transform window. that should make it pretty clear. good luck.

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