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help me ski [recording delay/loop test]


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ski, we were having an ongoing conversation that i'd like to continue regarding the loop test.


so here's my deal:


i'm using the original mbox with a powerbook g4, and standard 1/4 inch speaker cables to run the test.


i got x and y to thin out but i never got it to completely cancel out.

each time i record the audio in x, y is out of phase.


how can i record it in phase?

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Hi Mike,


I'm on my first cup of coffee and I see "Help Ski" here in the forum. Rising to the occasion, I donned my latency crime-buster cape and mask and...


...promptly ran out of gas. Need more coffee... [ssssssip] :D


OK. You say that you're using 1/4" speaker cables. Are they really speaker cables? In any event, here are the possibilities...


• the cables are wired out of phase, or,

• the output of the mbox is out of phase, or,

• the input of the mbox is out of phase, or,

• you have a helper plug enabled somewhere that's set to put the signal out of phase.


My first suggestion would be to use a pair of standard 1/4" patch cables (guitar cables) and try again. If you don't have spare cables but you have a meter (continuity tester), check your cables, making sure that the tip is wired to the tip, sleeve to sleeve.

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the cables are called "shielded audio tandem cable"


there are no 'phase' buttons that i know of.

i'm going straight from output to input. nothing else involved.


i gotta run out the door right now, will get on this test at 7 pm pacific time.

thanks for your reply.

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mikewhang, you should have updated the original thread rather than starting a new one. Now your issue is all over the place and no one but Ski can help you, and even he has to jump between two different threads to remember what your problem is.


I for one, was willing to help with this issue, but it's chinese to me.


Also, if someone finds your previous thread in the future, it won't contain all that new information.



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