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Logic barf


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Here is the temporary solution:


Get a new computer/ or use Automation to turn off the volume at the end of those tracks.


Here is the problem:


I am on an old imac G4 (800Mhz w/less than a gig of memory)

I have always been limited as to which Plug-ins I could use without overloading the system. So I made some changes to the audio driver settings I am on direct monitoring with my audio interface.


I am recording two audio (Guitar and Bass) with inserts, two audio instruments (Piano and Organ from EXS24) Also two drum kits from Garage band. For most of you this is no problem, but for me it is overload city.


To compensate, I freeze the tracks as I complete them and move on. My CPU hardly registers usage and all is well.


...Well almost! At the very end of the song I get some extra drum hits and an organ notes where there are no regions and should be silence. It is as if LOGIC is barfing out some extra parts it didn't think I needed. It is similar to the effect of cabling the Quicktime Synth in the environment.


I have a work around, but I need a solution to get those sounds from happening. Any ideas? :shock:



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