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loading large instruments/samples causes interface and external hard drive to reset


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Hi all,


Loading large instruments into Logic causes my interface and external hard drive to reset. The interface loses its USB sync and logic informs me that the number of available MIDI ports is now 0 instead of 1. And the computer tells me that my external hard drive was not disconnected properly (without ejecting). Some semi-large samples that load successfully cause my MacBook Pro to freeze (pinwheel of death) when I try to play them. My interface, a brand new Presonus AudioBox 44VSL, and drive, a Touro S, are connected via a 4-port powered USB hub.


Here's how I've narrowed it down so far:


- load same large samples into REAPER on my Windows machine: OK

- load small samples from a variety of AU engines on my MacBook Pro in Logic: OK

- load large samples from 2 different AU engines on my MacBook Pro in Logic: problems as explained above


Any ideas?

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