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Playhead in Score Editor

Jay Denson

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Hi Volovicg (Greg isn't it?)

But I use Play from Last Locate all the time.  What I want when I move the playhead in score editor as I described is for that location to become the new last location if you see what I mean. Otherwise what is the point of opt-clicking in the score?


Thanks, Jay

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You can do it in linear view by clicking on the bar ruler and/or position the playhead. However in page/wrapped view, when you option click you merely place the playhead at the intended location. Option clicking in page or wrap view to move the playhead does not set the locate at last attribute marker. So you will need to turn off play from last locate position to achieve the results you want.


There is a key command for Go to last locate position which functions even with the play from last locate position disabled as well as a key command for Play from last locate position which again works even with the play from last location position disabled.  Both key command are undefined by default and need to be setup. 


In this way you can use the space bar to play from where ever the play head is at and the key command above to play from the last locate position, hence giving you both options to be used concurrently.


(Yepper - Greg)

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Another suggestion:  use the Pause key command for this. Note that you have to hit it 2x (first time = pause, second time = play).


If you have a utility such as Keyboard Maestro, you can program that to output the key 2x automatically so that one key press puts you into play immediately.

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