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Free Logic Pro X Score Editor webinar by Peter 'Ski' Schwartz!

David Nahmani

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Our good friend Peter 'Ski' Schwartz will be doing a live, free webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, August 30 @ 12pm PT) on the topic of the Score Editor in Logic Pro X. I know I'm not going to miss it. Mark your calendars! :D


Click here to see the webinar details and to register (free)



The Score Editor: Techniques, Tips & Tricks

In this one hour webinar, Peter "Ski" Schwartz will cover essential Score Editor concepts as well as some advanced techniques for getting the most out of Logic's very capable notation features. Key topics will include the all-important quantize and interpretation parameters, Staff Styles, Score Sets, and beatmapping rubato (freely played) parts.

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Yeah, there seems to be some kind of weird problem. But here's how you can get in for sure...


First, if you have an adblocker running, please disable it for this website (even just temporarily). They don't hit you with ads other than their own, so you won't get tracked. I found that with Chrome that I had to disable AdBlock. Then everything went smoothly.




Type in the URL: ask.audio

No www. or anything. That will get you in the door.


Then, after you register (free) and log in, click Academy and then click Classrooms.


You'll see a scrollbar for the Summer MasterClass Series. Scroll to the right and click on the Orange box for the Lecture on Tuesday, Aug. 30th.


Finally... Scroll to the bottom of the page, past the Instructor's profiles, and you'll see another Orange box. Click that and you're in!

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Hi Ski!..will I receive a link for the webinar or where do we go to log in?  I signed up last night before I posted my question on the forum thinking I would get an invite with link in email.

Go to:   ask.audio

(no www. or .com or anything)

From there you can log in. 

Then go to Academy, then click Classrooms.

Then you'll see a horizontal list of classes. Scroll to the right to find the orange box and today's lecture. Click on that.

On the next page, scroll down past the instructor profiles and you'll find the link.

(I think!)

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With so many familiar names in attendance, it suggests a lecture on advanced, subterranean Score topics: strategies to avoid symbol collision, placement of global rehearsal marks, friendly fonts to specific kinds of text (tempo, performance, articulation). For example, the paper size discussion up front was my favorite (something Peter had discussed at length in a thread a while back).  The next step would have been factors pertaining to the actual US letter print-out of an out-sized paper size. That may be as easy as "fit to page," but I'd still value the discussion. 


Commercially speaking, though, webinars like this are probably intended to gain email subs and general interest. So perhaps Peter would consider an advanced Score tutorial. 

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Hey, thanks everyone for attending. Yeah, sorry about the technical problems. Everything was working fantastically until showtime (figures, right?)


As I'm writing this I'm working with the MPV/AskAudio tech guys to nail down the problem. I'm sure we'll get it fixed and then re-schedule.


Thanks again to everyone who attended, and I'll announce when "take 2" is scheduled.

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Hey, thanks everyone for attending. Yeah, sorry about the technical problems. Everything was working fantastically until showtime (figures, right?)

That's fairly typical obviously. That's also how my webinar went (even though we used a different webinar software), unfortunately: fine during rehearsals, lots of issues during showtime. Hope you'll fix the issue and reschedule soon! It was good to see you broadcast from your poker room... uhrr... I meant... studio. :lol:

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It was good to see you broadcast from your poker room... uhrr... I meant... studio. :lol:


And I was doing really well playing online last night too. Thought it might have be a good omen as I was up 300K chips. Play chips, that is, but winning chips nevertheless! (big blind holding J7, everyone limped, flop was J7Q, rivered a J, went all in, and someone didn't believe me LOL)

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Hi Peter,


Sorry you were having the internet issues today, man your class looked really good and informative especially with the great sounding music you were using for your illustrations.  Please let me know if you were able to put any of it online for re-watching or if you will do it again. Thanks so much for your efforts today!

Dave Z

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Thanks everyone. The class will definitely be rescheduled. We're working on resolving technical issues. 


It's funny... you'd think this kind of thing would be easy in this day and age. I mean, what should it take to broadcast simultaneous audio and video, right? But for whatever reason it requires a cocktail of apps to make it happen and they don't always play nicely together. It could have just been "one of those days" -- because at the same time as the webinar was being broadcast we lost cell phone coverage in our area. Coincidence? Or Mercury in retrograde? A friend of mine told me that Mercury actually was in retrograde yesterday, and that this heavenly occurrence is associated with computer problems. I'm happy to pass the buck to Mercury! Meanwhile...


Thank you again everyone for your interest and support, and to David for posting about this here on LPH! And I'll post back when the class has been re-scheduled.


Best Regards to All,



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