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listen to the ending of a cycle selection


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Hi I am getting back into Logic after a couple years away so bear with me...


When bouncing to a finished song file I am using the cycle yellow thing to select the beginning and end of the song. 


I remember there being a way to hear just the last couple seconds or so of the cycle. For example to hear when the cymbal tail fades out and the song is over. 


I know I can turn off cycle mode and move the playhead to just before the end of the selection but isn't there a key command for this?



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May I add that having cycle mode on makes it jump back to the beginning of the cycle. To hear just the end use the marquee selection with cycle off. Position the playhead towards the end and press pause twice.

The solutions I listed to not make it jump back to the beginning of the cycle, even when Cycle mode is on. If you use a Marquee selection then that should take precedence over the cycle, so there's no need to turn off cycle mode. 

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