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Automation Numeric Input


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Hi all.

I haven't found this, so maybe the community will be able to open my eyes.


Is there a way to input a numeric value to an EXISTING automation point?

I know how to drag and drop and fine-move with ctrl.



I have an automation line that goes like this: 

point 1: -24

point 2: -1.9

point 3: -1.9

point 4: -24


Now I want have point 2 and point 3 edited to -0.9

Option 1: drag and drop both points individually

Option 2: select both points and drag the line inbetween

In both cases I have to use ctrl for exact value.


is there a way to select one or both points and just type -0.9 on the keyboard?


Thanks for your input.



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Here you can use the Automation event list to your advantage:


  1. Open the Automation event list (Control - Command - E) then an additional Main window by pressing Command - 1.
  2. Select the automation region for the track you want to alter.
  3. Create a new MIDI transform, choose a New Initialized and set it up like this:  983926595_SelectAbove-2dB.png.749a6385bc616b40719e46478aa6e5f9.png
  4. Make sure that the Region is selected again in the alternative Main window and click the select button. Now all your events above -2,0 dB will be selected. 
  5. Drag up to the correct value.

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