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Alchemy's snapshot pad locked?


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Hi folks!


So, there's this thing puzzling the heck out of me in Alchemy's transform pad, or snapshot pad.


I frequently use latch automation to change between snapshots in Alchemy and this never happened before. I may have tweaked something by accident, because now when I try to move between snapshots, it automatically returns to the previous automated snapshot. I tried to change the automation method, no result. It applies to all tracks in the same project, what makes me think it's a Logic issue, not Alchemy's.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,



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Yes, this is pretty damn annoying. It's a change in how latch mode works and this is certainly a case where it makes zero sense.


The workaround is to not press stop and instead press play.

This is annoying because the sequencer will start playing from the last locate position so instead of just using the simple play command i recommend setting up a custom command for "Play from Previous bar". Hit that command and press stop when you want Latch to latch all the way to the next automation point or ending.

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Well, it works somehow, but now I think it's not exactly the same problem. It happens to the Touch mode too. By the time I've written any kind of automation, I can't edit any other plugin controls that were not used in the track.


The thing is: I write some automation information via Latch or Touch. But the plugin data sticks to the locator's position after the recording. E.g. If my locator is somewhere in the track where Snapshot 2 in Alchemy is being used by the automation, I can't edit Snapshot 3 since it wasn't used in the track yet.


It practically forces us to write automation only when the project's midi and audio data is totally finished, but that's a big problem for the creative process for me, since I always record Midi data, audio and automation almost at the same time.

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Forgot to mention that it happens specifically in the Read mode, and not during playback. The solution is quite simple, then: if I want to edit the plugin, I always have to change to Latch or Touch, and when finished, to Read again.


It's just weird -- that's not how it behaved since now. We could edit plugins in Read if Logic was not playing back the project.


Read mode just got too serious about it's job.

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